Sand & Gravel Screens, Aggregate Screening

Aggregate, Mining, sand and gravel screen applications typically involve product size sorting (classification), separating smaller from larger particles.
The screen opening (aperture) is determined by the desired product size with consideration of several other factors such as the percentage of oversize material allowed to pass through the screen, deck vibration  frequency and amplitude.
Another very important factor is the deck angle of incline.
The greater the angle of inclination, the smaller the apparent aperture.
Once the aperture (opening) has been determined, the wire diameter is selected in consideration of screen impact (drop height to screen from feed chute, hopper or conveyor discharge), and maximum size  (oversize) of material feed.
The relationship between screen aperture size and wire diameter determines the amount of Open Area.

Production (throughput) increases in proportion to greater open area while screen service life decreases.

Screen service life increases in proportion to a decrease of open area while production decreases.

Woven wire cloth screening surfaces are typically woven of high carbon steel or oil tempered steel although stainless steel is often used in applications such  as food or pharmaceuticals.  Stainless is frequently utilized in smaller apertures having a mesh count greater than 10.
Generally, vibrating deck screens are produced in accord with space cloth standards.  Smaller apertures are produced in accord with bolting cloth, mill grade or market grade specifications, determined by the open area requirements.
Screens are attached to a vibrating deck by hook (clamping) strips running the length of the screen section, one on each side.  The hook strips are tensioned by clamping rails attached to the sides of the vibrating deck which pull the screens tight against the crowned surface of the vibrator.  For additional information see installation tips
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